What makes Isautier rums unique? In short, many things. If you get us started on the subject, we could talk for hours about our demanding fermentation and distillation processes for our white rums. And we could tell you all about the exceptional maturation and ageing of our old and gold rums.
Today, we’re going to share a secret with you: the key to one of the unique notes of Isautier rums. So… what is the “Isautier Touch”?

What are we referring to?

The suspense is over: the secret behind the “Isautier Touch” is a subtle blend of our ancestral expertise, the Reunion terrain, and more specifically, the subtle note of iodine that’s perceptible in each of our rums. 
This marine flavour is revealed in the mouth. Sea spray marks our rums with the identity of our little piece of land in the middle of the Indian Ocean and makes them unmistakably Reunionese. 
To achieve this note, do we simply add salt water to our rums? Absolutely not! The process is completely natural and much more subtle than that.

Gravure canne à sucre rhum

How does this saline note end up in our rums?

From the Indian Ocean to Isautier rums, there isn’t a direct connection. Yet the sea is everywhere, even in our rums. 
It’s through the sugar cane that the iodine makes its way into our bottles. This natural resource grows in soil that is rich in marine sediments. It feeds on the richness of the sea, from the crashing waves to the highest peaks of the island, and can also rely on the marine spray carried by the wind and rain. This is how land and sea meet and merge.
Our island’s climate plays a large role as well: humid, oceanic air laden with sea spray influences the rums as they age in our tropical latitudes. 

The tasting 

These marine notes are more particularly noticeable in our old rums.
You have to wait until the end to discover them. That’s why it’s essential to let the tasting linger, make it last and wait until the sea wave floods the palate, then recedes with the fullness of the surf.
Pair with seafood for a food and rum pairing that will do justice to the “Isautier Touch.”

Did you detect the iodine note that gives Isautier House rums all that character? We’re waiting for you on Facebook and Instagram to discuss your tasting experiences.