Precision. Quality. Know-how. That’s what 6 generations of rum-making produces. Here at Isautier, we’ve been perfecting the art of making agricultural and traditional white rum for 175 years.
For the better part of two centuries, the Isautier House has been producing quality white rums based on our very own family recipe. What makes our rums different? Our traditional and agricultural rums take on a unique flavour with a touch of iodine thanks to the tropical climate that influences both the rum-making process and the flavour profile of their ingredients. These rums are also the base for other Isautier products, including our aged rums, flavoured rums and liqueurs. It all starts here…
Gravure canne à sucre isautier


Here on Reunion Island, the sugar cane is celebrated for its rich sugar content and distinctive flavour. It’s the first and most important ingredient in our rum-making process.

We begin by crushing the sugar canes to obtain a juice for our agricultural rums. For traditional rum, a molasses made by the sugar industry is used. The cane juice or molasses then undergoes a long fermentation process to obtain a pure liquid, which is a delicate task due to the extreme conditions on the island. Mastery of this step is vital as 80% of the aromas are created during stage.


Next, the wine produced during the fermentation process goes through a distillation phase. Once again, we take our time in order to obtain the exact qualities and flavours desired by using a slow 6-hour distillation technique.

The objective is quality and balanced aromatic notes. For agricultural rum, this provides us with a rum that’s between 69° and 74° with aromas of frangipane and patisserie. Traditional rum reaches 80° to 90° for a strong, bold character.

Gravure sucre roux isautier


Once the distillation is complete, lots with potential will be selected for the next step. This is where the paths diverge, and lots are destined to become either a white rum or an old rum.

At this point, white rums are transferred into large barrels as they wait to be bottled and finally distributed to your local shops as Isautier Traditional and Agricultural White Rums.

Now you know. Patience, quality ingredients, attention to detail and generations of expertise go into every bottle of Isautier Rum.
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