What is rum made with? Expertise and passion? Yes, but there’s more. Let’s talk bit more down to earth, literally, and explore the richness of the raw materials of our Reunion rums: sugar cane. On our island, we don’t grow just any sugar cane. From the Reunionese soil sprouts a sugar cane that carries the geological history of a land forged by volcanoes. It possesses an exceptional character that impacts our rums, and what an impact it has!
Gravure sucre brun isautier

Before the cane, the volcanic soil

Imagine Reunion Island, several million years ago, like an extraordinary amassment of lava. The Piton des Neiges, born from the depths of the ocean, spits streams of fire that pile up in the vast abyss. From the force of the eruptions, the contours of an island begin to take shape according to the will of the volcano. The island’s formation soon becomes supported by the efforts of the Piton de la Fournaise, a volcano that flanks its elder from the south-east. Through the unrelenting forces of time and geology, the grounds of the island are formed as the ancient lava evolves into a solid foundation resting upon the ocean.
Thus, the base of the island was created, that which would later become the mineral-rich soil that feeds our flora. From the first species of plants to the most recent evolutions, Reunion Island has been populated by wild specimens enriched by the soil of the tropical climate and tamed by the hand of the inhabitants as they established various varieties of crops. 
Today, more closely resembling soil than a typical humus, our plantations’ grounds are of exceptional character and quality. 

Gravure canne à sucre isautier

The rich substrate of Reunionese sugar cane

Our raw materials are grown upon this exceptional land. We work exclusively with Reunionese cane sugar, harvested during the time we call “the sugar campaign.” 
You can only imagine the richness of this millions-of-years-old soil, and the influence it has on the flavours of our rums. The minerals and volcanic sediments nourish the cane stalks, filling them with nutrients and enhancing their aromatic palette. The sugar cane, in its entirety, crushed, or in a syrup form, willingly offers its flavours to the rum being produced

Gravure verre rond isautier

The flavours that come through in our Reunionese rums

If you pay close attention to the most discreet notes of our white rums, as well as those of our gold and old rums, you will discover the aromatic expression of the Reunionese sugar cane. When tasting, wait a few seconds and allow the freshness to take precedence: you’ll feel the mineral-rich accents of the plant. Our Secret de Canne is particularly eloquent at transcribing the notes of the sugar cane. The characteristic saline touch of our Isautier rums is also notable. 

Starting with their raw ingredients, our rums lack nothing in character. The Reunionese sugar cane we supply bears witness, year after year, to the several-million-year-old volcanic formation that is our island. Thus, we invite you to take your time as you discover the unique, signature characteristics of our Reunion Island rums!