Isautier proudly boasts a wide range of Arrangés. Each new creation allows us to explore the treasure trove of emblematic flavours offered by our intense island. Like a post card, our Arrangés are the perfect opportunity for us to show the rest of the world what Reunion does best. However, when the selection is so wide, the choice becomes difficult. So, which Arrangé is the absolute must-try among our flavours? The one that most closely resembles the soul of our Maison? The one that descends from our oldest recipe? To guide your decision, we’ve assembled a list of the essential arrangé rums.
Gravure palmares isautier

The iconic: Arrangé Banana Flambée

If we had to choose only one from our selection, we would undoubtedly suggest the Arrangé Banana Flambé. When creating its unique flavour, our aim was to capture the notes of a very popular créole dessert in a bottle: the Banana Flambé. With this fragrant rum, you will detect the flambéd fruit, of course, but you’ll also discover the beautiful notes of melted caramel. For a rum to serve as an aperitifdigestif, or a cocktailbase, it must be both round and sweet. However you choose to serve it, make sure to chill the bottle in the freezer, first. The tasting possibilities of our Arrangé Banana Flambé are as rich as its flavours. We’ll leave it up to you how you choose to experience our most iconic rum. 

The famous: Arrangé Ginger Lemon

Today, Maison Isautier is known throughout the world for the creativity behind our Rum Arrangé recipes. But where do our recipes come from? To answer this question, we need to look back to the 1970’s, when our ancestors reclaimed the distinguished tradition of preserving fruits and spices in rum. The Gingerlick, with its strong ginger flavour,was the first recipe created. The direct heir of this very first Isautier Arrangé, our Ginger Lemon captures all the strength and character that represents the reputation of Maison Isautier today. The first nose is particularly fresh and intense. The notes then evolve into something rounder throughout the tasting. The Arrangé Ginger Lemon is best served as an aperitif, or at the end of a meal to accompany dessert. It’s also an excellent cocktail base. 

Gravure litchi réunion

The land: Arrangé Lychee Passion Fruit

If we were to conduct a street interview, here on the island or in mainland France, posing the question “In your opinion, what is the most symbolic fruit of Reunion Island?”, we would be willing to bet that lychee and passion fruit would be among the first answers. Ripe in the heart of summer, these two fruits and their unique and rich flavours are an important part of Reunion’s identity. So naturally, we created the Arrangé Lychee Passion Fruit! The flavours of these two shimmery fruits marry wonderfully, allowing us to offer you an aperitif that’s perfectly balanced between sweet and sour, strong and sweet. You can also serve it in a cocktail or as a digestif.

There you have it: our recommendations on how to make your selection from our wide range of Isautier Arrangés. Once you’ve discovered these three must-try’s, you can begin to explore our other flavours, from the Wild Mandarin to the Spiced Victoria Pineapple. You’ve only just begun your journey to the heart of Maison Isautier creations!