Like many other creations, the birth of rum arrangé is a result of fortuitous circumstances involving sea voyages and the need to preserve perishable foods. Today, however, rum arrangé is not merely a conservation method. It has gained interest from many enthusiasts, who enjoy inventing their own original combinations or sticking with the tried-and-true recipes. Either way, they’re always rich in flavour. Do you want to make your own rum arrange? We have some tips and advice to help you successfully create some daring recipes of your very own.
Gravure canne à sucre isautier

Choosing your rum

In order to make a rum arrange, you’ll first need the right rum. Several critical criteria should be taken into consideration:
· The alcohol strength. If you don’t generally tolerate strong alcohols, we suggest using one of a moderate degree. This will help your blend to develop sweet aromas. We recommend our Traditional White Rum 40%, which will be perfect for you first attempt, as well as those that follow.
· Agricultural or traditional? In the opinion of a purist, to create a rum arrangé the way it has always been prepared on Reunion Island, the only worthwhile option is a traditional rum. And we must agree. Unlike agricultural rum, which tends to overpower aromatic combinations, a traditional rum will let the flavours of the fruits, flowers and spices develop at leisure. Consider, also, the ingredients you choose, which we will discuss at length in the next section (Tip: waterlogged fruits will reduce the alcohol content of your recipe. Thus, a rum with greater than 50% alcohol is preferable).
· Gold rums, why not? In most cases, rum arrange is made with white rum, and this is our advice for a first attempt. However, it is possible to use a gold or old rum, especially if you plan to use vanilla, nutmeg or pepper. Our gold rum Barrik would be perfect for this purpose. And while it is also possible to make an arrangé using an old rum, the process is more delicate.
Now that you have the basics, let’s move on to the creative part: choosing the right ingredients.

Gravure vanille bourbon réunion

Choosing your ingredients

What to put in a rum arrange? Pretty much anything you like. 
Truly, the possibilities are practically endless when it comes to ingredients, combinations and variations: fruits, spices, condiments, candies, flowers and leaves… fresh, cooked, candied, dried smoked or flambée. However, if this is your first time, we suggest starting with trusted, simple options. Try one or two of your favourite fruits and spices to start with. Banana and vanilla are excellent choices. You could also try pineapple and passion fruit
A rum arrangé with just one fruit is also possible. However, in Reunion, we have a penchant for boldness, and we find ourselves unable to stick with just one ingredient. Take our Rum Arrangé Guava Roobios as an example.   

Choosing your container

All that’s left to do is assemble your rum arrangé! There’s just one more detail to consider: the container. This last decision should not be neglected because the maturation process requires and adequate mode of conservation. 
The container should be hermetic for the maceration to happen properly. To make it easier to add your ingredients, choose something with a wide opening. We suggest a glass container, like a jar with a rubber seal or a canning jar. Avoid containers with a spout at the bottom. Although they’re convenient and aesthetically pleasing when serving your rum arrangé, they’re not airtight, which could hinder the maturation process. 

We hope that with these recommendations, you’re ready to dive into your very own rum arrangé adventure. In the next article, we’ll help you with the procedure for making your rum arrangé: What’s the right ratio of rum to fruits and spices?  How long should a rum arrangé mature? Should it be filtered? How should it be served? Follow us so that you don’t miss anything!