A few months ago, we felt the urge to reconsider the appearance of our old and gold rums. These products deserved an upgrade that’s worthy of their character, the know-how of our Isautier teams, and our territory – the intense island that emerges in the aromatic profile of our old rums. What would be better suited than to give our gorgeous territory a place of honour on our new bottles?

Thus, we proudly present to you the new packaging of our old and gold rums, a true ode to Reunion Island.

Our island

Let’s place the tip of our pencil on one of Reunion Island’s beaches and draw our way up to the reliefs. We’ll draw the silhouette of the island this way to distinguish the sky from the earth. The valleys appear, then the stunning peaks and great expanses. We’ll sketch the volcanic mountains and palm-lined cane fields into life. Appearing before your eyes, in the space of a few square centimetres, is the raw and elegant illustration of an intense and contrasting territory. Water, earth, sky and fire assembled on the paper before you. The essence of our island.
This plentiful land is our partner, and it is as rich as it is demanding. Reunion Island contributes all of its elements to our rums, leaving its unparalleled imprint like an insignia of aromatic notes and character. It was time to give back to our island all that it offers our old rums by according it the lead role on a new stage.

The different notes

Thus, each of our old and gold rums now carry the Reunion emblem. Each bottle is unique, just as each of our rums are unique with their own aromatic identities: 
Gold Rum Barrik: a fresh, lightly woody and delicately toasted rum with notes of honey, dried fruits and vanilla.

– Secret de Canne Rum: our balanced, well-rounded, floral and fruity amber rum with distinct flavours of sugar cane and spices. Its characteristic iodised notes can’t be overlooked.

– 5-Year-Old Rum: smooth and delicate yet floral and fresh, its finely woody and vanilla notes that highlight the hints of citrus fruits and spices are of a rare elegance.

– 7-Year-Old Rum: fundamentally fruity with a delectable profile of ripe, candied and citrus fruits married with spiced, toasted and vanilla notes.

10-Year-Old Rum: a very old rum, characteristically Reunionese, with an unmissable touch of iodine. We also detect hints of pepper, spices, candied fruits, ripe banana, citrus fruits and vanilla. A perfect aromatic balance.

Where to find them?

Our old rums are distributed to wine merchants as well as specialty shops. Don’t hesitate to inquire at a store near you. 

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