A brand-new palette of flavours has just emerged from the Maison Isautier artists’ studio, and this one is directly inspired by the landscapes of Reunion. The flavours, with 100% natural Reunion Island ingredients, have been selected to reflect the 4 main features of our island: Oceanic, Volcanic, Intense and Tropical. We invite you to travel and indulge all the senses as you discover the Reunion Fresque, the new range of Isautier Arrangés.
Gravure noix de coco isautier

Arrangé Fresque Oceanic

This scene first depicts the Indian Ocean, which surrounds our little island. It illustrates the intensity of the waves against the cliffs of Cap Méchant, but also a gentle way of life, fragrant and rich in moments that become animated by a sunrise or a sunset. We’ve chosen coconut and Bourbon vanilla to describe the sweetness of life on the shores of the Indian Ocean. The tasting begins with a lovely roundness on the nose, followed by a fragrant combination of coconut with the finest Bourbon vanilla from Reunion. The sweet profile is savoured with a sweet finish, almost like a pastry. Our suggestion for tasting the Arrangé Oceanic? Serve chilled as a digestive or use as a variation of the original Piña Colada

Gravure goyave réunion

Arrangé Fresque Volcanic

It’s the origin of our island, the heart that beats within it, ready to explode at any moment… The volcano is an inseparable part of Reunion. Its lava arises from the depths of the sea. Like the Piton, the flavours of Arrangé Volcanic spring forth in the mouth: Victoria pineappleguava, and chilli flavour this rum that’s been designed to convey the strength of the volcanic soil. The nose is round and notably sweet, like the quiet yet smouldering atmosphere that precedes an eruption. The pineapple and guava come together in harmony. In the mouth, the bite of pepper makes itself known. Then comes the explosive finish: the heat of the spice spreads and remains within the wake of the palate, like the streams of lava that flow along the sides of the Piton. An extraordinary Arrangé that we suggest discovering on its own or using to spice up a cocktail. Your imagination will guide you.

Gravure gingembre Isautier

Arrangé Fresque Intense

Run through the valleys, explore the winding roads between the cane fields, follow the flow of the rivers to the ocean, then you’ll understand what makes Reunion an intense island. All its power and surprising character are expressed in this Arrangé Intense. A harmonious union of four seasons lemon and local ginger, this Arrangé is fresh and delicious on the nose, recalling the scents of a lively fruit market. On the palate, the spices take the spotlight and combine perfectly with the lemon to create a powerful freshness. The spices of the Arrangé Intense linger with a slight touch of acidity. Best served as an aperitif or a digestive.

Arrangé Fresque Tropical

At the heart of the lush forests, teeming with life, breath-taking waterfalls flourish. A reviving freshness lies at the foot of these aquatic wonders that pierce their way through the plant kingdom. Inspired by thrill felt while standing at the edge of a Reunionese waterfall, the Arrangé Tropical is particularly fresh. We’ve also selected the kaffir lime for this arrangé, typical of Reunionese cuisine. It is macerated and distilled separately to create an alcoholate, then combined with mint. The result is a fruity and vegetal olfactory and gustatory bouquet that gives way to a touch of bitterness at the end of the tasting. We suggest serving it chilled, no need to add anything to it, although it can be a delightful addition to a cocktail. It would make an original mojito, don’t you think?

Which Reunion Island feature will you discover first? Choose your path along Oceanic, Volcanic, Intense and Tropical to experience them all. Share your impressions with us on social media after you’ve discovered these new Isautier Arrangés!


Credits : Serge Gelabert