The company Rhums & Punchs Isautier was once more awarded medals at the Rhum Fest 2016 (2016 rum festival), held in Paris from 31st March to 4th April.

The year is off to a good start, Isautier products receiving a number of medals. Always present at the Rhum Fest Paris festival, the Isautier company was proud to win two new medals:
Arrangé Gingembre Citron (Ginger and lemon flavoured rum): gold medal
Rhum Maturé Barrik (Matured barrel rum): bronze medal

Once more, these products stand out for their high quality, notably the ginger and lemon flavoured rum, which received the only gold medal awarded for products made in Reunion Island competing at the festival.
As a reminder, rums from all over the world are presented at the Rhum Fest Paris festival, where they are blind-tested by a panel of international experts. The awards received once more witness the care and quality applied by Isautier in the manufacture of their products.!accueil/c1bo