Competing for the first time this year at the China Wine and Spirits Competition (2016), the Rhums& Punchs Isautier company won one silver and one gold medal!

For the first time this year, Isautier products entered The China Wine and Spirits Competition, China’s biggest and most prestigious.
In the Hong Kong last August, products from all over the world were tasted ‘blind’ by a jury of professionals.

After tasting the products by category/family, the judges were unanimous in their verdict:
Rhum Vieux Louis & Charles (Louis & Charles aged rum): silver medal
Rhum Maturé Barrik (Matured barrel rum): gold medal
Rhum Vieux 7 ans (7-year-old aged rum): double gold medal

Once again, these awards confirm the quality of Isautier products throughout the world, a source of pride for the population of Reunion.