Along with many other local producers and craftsmen, the company ‘Veuve Isautier et Fils’ (Isautier’s Widow & Sons), led by Antoinette, Charles’ widow, took part in three universal exhibitions held in Paris: in 1878, 1889 and 1900. The company’s products were awarded many medals.

In 1878, the company was awarded a gold medal for its rums: the very first medal received by the Isautier company!
In 1889, the company diversified its production, now making geranium and vetiver essential oils, vanilla, coffee, loquat cream, makrut lime cream, mangosteen cream, vanilla cream, curaçao, sugarcane brandy, new rum, aged rum and ordinary rum. The company received a gold medal for its liqueurs, as well as two silver medals.

At the 1900 universal exhibition, the company received a gold medal for its rums and its coffee and a silver medal for its essential oils.
At the time, the journey between mainland France and Reunion Island lasted 6 months – if wind conditions were favourable! We can only imagine what it could have been like, especially if we consider that the journey did not always end in Paris: the Isautier Company also participated in competitions held in the Netherlands (a medal awarded in 1883) and even Moscow, where the company’s products won a medal in 1891.

© Photo credit-Isautier private archives